We gathered our expertise thanks to our ongoing commitment in everything we do, from design to production, through to delivery to customers.


 Commitment and experience, always at the service of the customer.

Our expertise enables us to translate the values underlying in-house operating procedures into practice.

Reliability, innovation and passion.

These are the words that best describe our approach to quality and customer care.


Grimeca has built a reputation as a reliable partner through the years. During collaboration projects and supplying specialised high-tech industry sectors, we demonstrated our capability to manufacture a broad variety of top-quality products.


We carry on ongoing technology research work and are committed to developing new manufacturing systems and high-performance materials. Regular reviews of our organisational models enable us to continuously fine-tune our flexible industrial processes and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.


This is the one factor that makes a difference. Our focus on human capital investments is one of our distinguishing features. Promoting team work is our way to achieve the most challenging goals.